This Beautiful Inheritance: Hanging Out with the Arkansas Women Bloggers

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hanging Out with the Arkansas Women Bloggers

Last Saturday, I got the privilege of attending the Arkansas Women Bloggers Spring Meetup, held at the Historic Arkansas Museum.

Have you heard of AWB? If you meet those three criteria, you really need to jump on board! It's an Arkansas-based blogger community whose mission is to "grow women by gathering them into a common space with common objectives and by connecting and empowering them for the greater good."

Blair, Lindsay, Tracy

Lindsay and me
This is the second event hosted by the group that I've attended, and I always love the women that I meet. Some, like me, are moms who blog about diapers and sleepless nights. Others blog about everything from fashion to food to crafting and more.

At the Spring Meetup, we got the special treat of hearing from Natalie Ghidotti, owner of Ghidotti Communications, as she discussed the relationship between bloggers and PR companies. (Natalie is also the former editor of Little Rock Family so I feel a little connection!)

The best part, though, is always meeting other women who enjoy sharing their stories in their own corners of the web. And getting to know their blogs! Here are those who attended the meetup.

Peggy Bayer -

Lisa Mullis - and

Tracy Knight -

Gina Knuppenburg -

Lindsay Irvin -

Blair Tidwell -

Anne Weaver - and

Natalie Ghidotti -

and the three lovely ladies that make up the AWB Leadership Team.....

Stephanie Buckley -

Julie Kohl -

Fawn Rechkemmer -

There were some conflicts on this day or there would have been more ladies in attendance! Click around and check out some of their blogs. You'll be glad you did.

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