This Beautiful Inheritance: Dallas in iPhone Photos

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dallas in iPhone Photos

Last weekend Tyler and I spent a much needed weekend away. We went to Dallas/Fort Worth to visit two sweet friends and to see COLDPLAY in concert! Here's our weekend in iPhone pics.

View of the skyline coming into Dallas
Me & Tyler at the Fort Worth Stockyards, a true Texas experience!
Stockyards Museum
A Western Store in the Stockyards
Me and my friend Aubri overlooking what she calls "the cool part of Fort Worth" ;)
Much different than the Stockyards, eh?
in front of the American Airlines Center in Dallas, about to see Coldplay!

We're pumped!

Ready for the show!
The concert! We could see better than it looks from this picture... :)
Every member of the crowd was given a glowing armband. It looked pretty amazing in there!

So just how jealous are you? :-)

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