This Beautiful Inheritance: VBS Take Two!

Friday, July 20, 2012

VBS Take Two!

We are now on the last day of TWO WHOLE WEEKS of Bible School. We've done it two weeks in a row! I have to say, last week I was convinced I was the mom of "the bad kid," the one that makes every adult cringe when she comes into the room. Last week, Eden was in a class with all toddlers. :-/ And having nearly ten rowdy 2-3 year-olds around her at all times turned out not to be the best thing. It turned her into a wild child. She refused to do one organized activity all week. She didn't sing one song or do one motion. And I don't think she listened to a word of one Bible story. All she wanted to do was Run. Wild.

This picture sums up the week perfectly. Every other kid was in the background participating in races and organized games while listening to the teacher. Eden, the black sheep, refused to be a part of it. The girl just did her own thing.

This week, though, has been much better. At this week's VBS, Eden is one of just two toddlers. And she seems to do so much better when surrounded by older kids. She sees them actually singing and doing the motions, so she actually does it too. She's actually been sitting in her classes (at least a lot of the time) and has actually participated in the activities and games.

There have been a lot of cute moments.

I always love VBS. Seeing the kids light up as we talk about Jesus and sing songs with messages so simple yet so profound... it sets the foundation for a lifetime of walking with God.

And it just doesn't get any better than that.

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