This Beautiful Inheritance: Girls' Night Out

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Girls' Night Out

Friday, the girls and I made a little get-away for the evening. We headed to Toad Suck Country with a good friend and her little girl for a Pony Royale Princess Party that my friend Savannah was hosting.

First off, we pulled over to eat Mexican food, and I was seriously amazed at how grown-up these two are getting.

These girls have been best buddies since they were born. They're just two weeks apart, and I used to babysit this girl and her little brother. It still seems crazy to me to be staring across the table at them, sitting in a booth and NOT HIGH CHAIRS, and watching them talk like big girls about going to a party at some new friends' house. They're the sweetest....

After dinner, we headed to the party, which apparently we were a little late for, seeing as how all the other 15 guests had already left... but it didn't matter, because whether it's one playmate or 20, kids just like to play with each other. Our girls immediately bonded with Savannah's 3 Bees, and they were instant playmates.

Oh, and the girls loved their NEW PONIES (which was the whole point of the party which I forgot to tell you about). Every kid got their very own Pony Royale to take home (and a yummy cupcake!).

Are they cute or what? It was a fun night. Thanks Savannah!

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