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Friday, August 31, 2012

I've Lost My Passion

So this week was the Republican National Convention. On a couple occasions, I made myself pick up the remote, change the channel away from Dora, and attempt to learn something about this year's candidates. (It was the first time I've done so all election season.) As a result, I was mildly amused for a few minutes before getting distracted and robotically changing the channel back to kid stations.

You probably think I'm a lazy citizen. That I don't care about my country or see the importance of following politics.

You didn't know me four years ago.

Four years ago (and four years before that and four years before that) I was a lean, mean CNN watching machine. I was obsessed with the developments of the election. I followed the campaigns by the hour. You could have tapped me on the shoulder at any point in the day, and I could have told you where things stood. Who was pulling ahead. What was the latest piece of dirt that had been dug up on a candidate......

credit: David Goldman, AP
At that time, I was editor of our college student newspaper, The Herald, so it was kind of my job to be neck-deep in news. We worked hard to determine and explain to our students what the election meant to them. I kept network news playing in our newspaper office and I spent many nights working late and listening to debates. But I certainly didn't follow the elections because I had to. Politics was a passion. When I graduated, I regretted not getting a minor in political science, and I promised myself in 2012 I would volunteer for my party of choice.

My, how things have changed.

This time around, I didn't just not volunteer, I'm completely oblivious to all that's going on. I haven't watched one Situation Room or O'Reilly Factor or read a single election news article. I only last week learned Sarah Palin wasn't running! (Ok, that part was a joke.)

But seriously, the change in my level of political concern and interest has been so drastic, I have to ask myself: What Happened????

Is this really what becoming a mom does to you? Four years and two babies later and your only passion is getting kids to sleep through the night?

Have I become so engulfed in diapers and bath time and bottles that I've lost all ability to stay in tune with current affairs?

Apparently so.

The other day I was telling a friend about my "fall from grace," and she asked if I thought later, when my kids were older, I'd take up a political interest again.

I have no idea.

You tell me. Have you ever lost touch with a passion -- due to kids or other life changes -- and then reclaimed it later?

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