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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Recently in iPhone Photos

Here are some snapshots of our life lately...

We've been doing a lot of wagon-riding. Selah is now big enough to ride, and she LOVES it!
We've been making a lot of banana bread :) And Eden LOVES helping in the kitchen. She's my "Helper-Girl."
Selah with her cousin, Lucy, in their matching swimsuits :)
Selah has started eating a *little* bit of table food. This was her first experience with crunched up crackers :)
Speaking of wagon-riding, most of the time I don't even have to pull anymore. Hooray!
We went to Splash Zone last week for the first time this summer. The girls loved it.
Sleepy Splash Zone girl.
After Splash Zone, we stopped for frozen yogurt. Is this girl cute or what?

Judging from the subjects of my pictures, I have no life outside of my girls...

Yeah, that sounds about right :)

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