This Beautiful Inheritance: Getting Over the Hump

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Getting Over the Hump


Eden has pee-peed in the potty THREE TIMES in the last three days.

For most kids, this would probably be really bad. An (almost) three year old only going three times on the potty in three whole days? Fail.

But for us: HUGE EPIC WIN.

As I've said, Eden has always had some kind of potty phobia. A mental block that absolutely prevented her ability to even discuss using it.

But I think, thank you Lord, we are finally over the hump.

She no longer freaks out at our mentioning the p-word or even at having to sit on it. We've been doing some not-so-serious potty training the last few days, but I am feeling so hopeful this time! Compared to last time, it's going really well!

Eden showing off her panties and her reward sucker for using the potty.

I'll keep you posted. Who knows? Maybe I won't have a diaper-wearing three-year-old after all!

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