This Beautiful Inheritance: A Birthday Letter

Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Birthday Letter

Today, my big girl is three years old. I have decided to start writing my children yearly letters on their birthdays and collecting them over the years to give to them when they graduate high school. I've decided to post my first letter to Eden, which I wrote last night. Happy Birthday, Sweetheart.

Eden Elizabeth,

I recently read a devotional in which the mom writing it suggested writing letters to your children each year on their birthdays. I am a couple years late getting started, but I loved the idea, and I hope to continue writing you these yearly letters until you graduate from high school, and I can give all of them to you to keep.

Eden, tomorrow you will be three. My little bitty baby… my big girl, will be three. Time flies. You brought such joy into our lives when you were born. My sweet, first-born baby. You were born to us in the fall. The weather was beautiful. It was our favorite time of year. And you came right on time (your due date). Your birth was such an exciting event. Dozens of family members gathered at the hospital for your arrival. And you have been our joy ever since.

You taught me a new kind of love. Deep, steadfast, overwhelming love. I wake up each day, look at you, and still can’t believe that you are mine, ours, to keep forever.

You have grown into such a sweet, funny little girl. You are hyper, wild, silly and caring. You’re polite, loving and so full of energy. You make up words constantly, “Holly-potty-doody.” You surprise me with your memory and with your wit.

This has been a momentous year. You became a big sister. And you stepped into the role with ease. You were never jealous of your sister but loved her with abandon from the day we brought her home.

In the last few weeks, you have finally started using the potty. After fighting it for months, and then pee-peeing through your panties, you’ve finally gotten the hang of it J

And just 3 ½ weeks ago, you lost your Memaw, our Memaw, who loved you so very much. I know by the time you read this letter, you won’t remember her. But I will always treasure the special relationship you two had. She loved you so very much. She was downright crazy about you. You made her eyes light up and her heart smile. But her heart also ached as she constantly told us, “Eden won’t ever remember me.” You were so special to her. I wish you could remember…

Eden, you have been the biggest blessing in our lives. Every day I know how much God loves us because He gave us you and your sister, our great undeserved gift.

I pray you grow into a mighty woman of God. I pray you become a mature, Biblical woman who has a heart for the world and doesn’t compromise truth.

Your daddy and I love you so much. We can’t wait to watch you grow.

Love, Mommy & Daddy

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