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Friday, October 26, 2012

Small Town Life: Fall Festivals

One of the biggest events in my small town is our annual 3-day summer festival. This year, though, I was excited that the town decided to host, for the first time, a fall festival (yes, I get excited about these kinds of things).

It was no huge ordeal. Just a couple hours' worth of free games and activities in front of the courthouse. But it was quaint and cute, and did I mention, FREE? I'm all about free fun for my kids. Oh, plus I got a BBQ sandwich and a hot dog for $1.50. Total.


There was a live band playing on the street, elderly women cuttin' a rug (no, really), three jump houses and free games galore.


Let me add how amazing big cousins are... I mean, I'll-take-Eden-to-do-every-single-game-so-you-and-her-daddy-can-just-stand-here-AMAZING.

But Eden's favorite part of the whole she-bang, hands down, was when her cousin Jett arrived, and they made up words, noises and games together.

They are so wild. And so exactly alike.

One of the nice things about small towns is that Eden will finish high school with the same kids she's now playing, going to festivals and making up games with. In 15 years, they'll think back and reminisce... "Remember when we used to have those fall festivals in front of the courthouse?"

And their mama will have photos (ready and waiting to go on their senior pages in the yearbook) to prove it.

This is the second post in a new series I'm starting called "Small Town Life." I hope to continue the series on the last Friday of each month. See the series' first post here.

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  1. I really was taken back to my own youth where either my mom,my brother, and I OR my cousin who is my age would walk to the library. Sometimes just she and I and at other times with a friend of our grandmother's. It was also a hop,skip,and jump away from her house. I remember one times we even found a Briar patch when she toppled over into it. (Bless her heart) But... that wasn't what I was going to say. Ha! As you described your youth there I can also see mine. The library was most definitely a highlight in my youth!! The smell, the books, the DD System that I thought made me the smartest girl in the world! I would carry my mom over, hand in hand and show her how I would find what books I would be carrying home that day. You may be too young and they may not have used the Dewey Decibel System when you learned what wonders where there, in the library. But anyway, I've written way more than I should for it to be a comment. I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog! Sometimes we start to get caught so much in the bad things within our small towns but your blog reminds me of the wonderful things and how they outweigh them 100x's over!! Thank you!! PS I'm on a cell phone with horrible autocorrect so please excuse anything that is crazy sounding,reasons words, etc.. I do try to watch. Take care!! :)


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