This Beautiful Inheritance: An Easy Way to Teach Christmas Giving

Monday, November 5, 2012

An Easy Way to Teach Christmas Giving

Now that Eden is getting old enough to understand these kinds of things, I hope to teach her the true meaning of Christmas, along with the importance of giving to others and helping those in need.

So this year I let her help me pack a shoe box for Operation Christmas Child, my favorite Christmas charity, which has been a tradition in our home for years.

Operation Christmas Child asks families across the country to pack shoe boxes full of small gifts to be delivered to needy children around the world. And the best part is that volunteers deliver the Good News of Jesus, along with every box distributed. It's just one worthwhile way to help others this Christmas season.

And it's so easy to do.

First, decide who you will pack your box for. You may choose girl or boy and from the following age categories: 2-4, 5-9 or 10-14.

Second, go to the store and have fun shopping! We chose to pack a box for a girl Eden's age so that she could help pick out things she thought the little girl would like.

In our box, we wound up with a SpongeBob book, Dora toothbrush, toothpaste, squishy light-up ball, miniature doll and puppy, coloring book, crayons, sunglasses and hair clips. For a full list of suggested items to include, along with what not to include, click here.

Next, you need to wrap your box (this is not mandatory, but it's more fun!). Just make sure you wrap the lid separate from the box.

Then, fill your box up with the gifts!

If you're wondering how my toddler felt about buying all these fun gifts of which none were for her...... she did surprisingly well while at the store. She was genuinely excited to be buying gifts for "the little girl." However, when we got home she did have a slight melt-down about not being able to open the doll and puppy.... I just had to keep reminding her that she already had plenty of toys and we were going to send these to someone who didn't have any. Eventually I managed to distract her with the "fun" that was packing the box, and she ended up coming around again.

See how proud she was? :-)

So, to finish your box:
-- Print a label for your box here and tape it to the top of your box.
-- put $7 in an envelope inside for shipping (or pay online)
-- place a rubberband around the box
-- and take it to one of the many drop off locations sure to be near you. Click here for locations.

National Drop-Off Week is Nov. 12-19. So you'd better get started! :-)

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