This Beautiful Inheritance: Christmas Traditions: I'll Tell You Mine If You Tell Me Yours {A Guest Post}

Monday, November 26, 2012

Christmas Traditions: I'll Tell You Mine If You Tell Me Yours {A Guest Post}

Today's post is brought to you by my good friend, Lindsay Irvin. Lindsay is the editor of several magazines in Arkansas, mainly Arkansas Bride, and she blogs regularly at Mrs. & the Misc. a blog she shares with three of her girlfriends. Be sure to visit their blog for more holiday musings and ideas.


My favorite thing about Christmas is tradition (well, second favorite, right behind the birth of Jesus Christ).

Every family has one or more traditions that they've created to make the holidays just a little more special. Growing up, we didn't have many in particular due to divorced parents and switching houses for holidays and often going out of town. It was all too unpredictable for any Christmas rituals. But there was one tradition that we did make sure to do when we were at my dad's house for Christmas: we always opened one gift on Christmas Eve and then watched the original "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" (because the Jim Carey version didn't exist yet). It always made me feel so happy–like our family, which was everything but perfect, was somehow finally on the same page in this small moment in time. However brief, we were the perfect family for that moment.

Now that I'm all grown up and married (to a man who's equally obsessed with Christmas), I am enjoying creating new traditions for us. Right now, it's just me, Michael and our dog Colby, but we're having a blast each holiday following our customized festivities. The amazing thing is, even while my parents didn't have many traditions nor loved Xmas quite as much as we do, they now want to join in on ours.

For instance, all but one Thanksgiving since we've been in Arkansas (this was our fourth Thanksgiving here since moving from Dallas), my parents have come up to Little Rock for turkey, the trimmings and our new tradition. The tradition is this: the Friday after Thanksgiving, we golf, we shop, we dine out and then we decorate the house, set up the Christmas tree and watch a Christmas movie together. This year, we watched "The Ref" - a hilarious movie about a dysfunctional family at Christmas (they make mine look good!). It was a great night.

But wait, there's more!

After my parents leave on Saturday (they like to beat the Sunday traffic each year), Michael and I head outside to do our outdoor Christmas lights. When we're finally done, several hours later, we come inside and prep a delicious meal to grill out, pour ourselves some wine and plop down for a non-negotiable: "A Christmas Vacation."

We watch it every single year to kick-off the Christmas season; we watch it at the close of Thanksgiving weekend because that's when we like to begin Christmas. If I ever start putting out any Christmas decor early, Michael reminds me to wait for Thanksgiving weekend. And he doesn't have to remind me much, cause I love our tradition. It's important to us to maintain this tradition, I'm not sure why, but isn't that the thing about traditions? There's a hint of superstition in there somewhere ... why else do we feel that need to never break them? I for one don't want to and can't wait for the days ahead this holiday season. Michael and I have more "customs" to follow and more to create in the coming years.

So, tell me: What's your favorite family tradition at Christmas time? Comment below to share them with me and Kelcie. I can't wait to hear what yours are and the stories behind them!

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  1. Our Christmas tradition is on Christmas Eve we order pizza and watch "How the Grinch Stole Christmas".. the Jim carrey one because its my favorite! The pizza tradition came from my husbands side. He would always have papa Johns pizza at his nana's house when he was younger. She passed away awhile back and I like to keep any traditiona involving her alive.on Christmas we always listen to Ray Coniff Christmas music, open presents and make tamales. I love it. I hope to create more traditions as my two kids get older ( now 1 1/2 and 4 months).


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