This Beautiful Inheritance: It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Monday, November 19, 2012

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Saturday the girls and I put up the Christmas tree.

I have never before put up the tree before Thanksgiving, but Saturday I had no where to be and nothing to do, and the day just felt right.

So we made a day of it.

Tyler was working, so I lugged in the tree from the shed, pieced it together, and with the help of little hands, hung the ornaments one by one.

This, of course, made Eden's week. She kept saying how "beautiful" the tree was and enjoyed scouring the tree for each "orbit's" perfect spot. ...(I kept telling her it was "or-na-ment." She kept saying "orbit.") (She also made several references to the tree "launching" and "blasting off" so I think it all tied together in her mind.)

I also introduced her to Christmas music, we sipped cider, and I attempted to explain Christmas to her.

This, I found out, is a chore.

Eden, CHRISTMAS is Jesus' BIRTHDAY. But, um, WE get the PRESENTS.


Her: "Where is the birthday?" (meaning, where is the party?)

It's at our house.


Her: "Where is Jesus?"

He's in your heart.


Oh, and then there's this guy named Santa who also brings you presents. You know, for Jesus' birthday.


This is where I just kind of quit trying to explain Christmas.

I want to do Santa. I really do. I think it's a fun, harmless tradition that creates meaningful memories. But I get why some parents choose to opt out. Attempting to tie the story of Santa in with the true story of Jesus and have it make sense for a three year old is, I think, a science that's way over my head.

Anyway, I don't think Eden was too concerned about it. She heard the word presents and got pretty pumped.

And yes, I dressed the girls in their matching Christmas shirts for put-up-the-tree-day. Because why not?

I still need to add mesh and a skirt, but here's our tree as it stands now.

(There may or may not be a naked toddler in the background.)

I'll post a final tree pic when I'm officially finished.

I've also got a Christmas-themed guest post coming soon.

Happy Early Holidays, Friends!

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