This Beautiful Inheritance: "Adventures" with Daddy

Monday, January 21, 2013

"Adventures" with Daddy

Ever since Eden got past the "baby stage," her daddy has taken her out for regular Daddy-Daughter Days, or as they call them "adventures." Their "adventures" consist of any and everything outdoors. They put out corn for deer. They fish. They build campfires. They shoot BB guns. They -- bottom line -- get dirty. Eden comes in filthy and full of stories about their day's "adventure." She absolutely LOVES being outside. She is her daddy's child.

Eden dressed and ready for another adventure
Yesterday's adventure included a day at deer camp. Eden had been begging her daddy to take her camping, but she settled for a campfire and playing with sticks.

Mommy obviously wasn't there or she'd have been a little further from this fire...
I love that she gets to have these days with her daddy. For one thing, it gets her out of the house, her eyes off the TV and fresh air in her lungs. For another, she's making sweet memories they'll both cherish forever. Tyler still reminisces about days like this with his dad, which are his fondest memories from childhood.

Selah is looking forward to the day she gets to join Daddy and Big Sister too!

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