This Beautiful Inheritance: Favorite Blog Posts of 2012

Friday, January 4, 2013

Favorite Blog Posts of 2012

Did I say Happy New Year? Well Happy New Year! I hope the first four days of 2013 have treated you well. Today, I decided to post links to some of my top blog posts from 2012. Some of these posts generated heavy traffic, and others were just personal favorites. Take a looksie and see if there were any you missed! I think 2012 may just have been the year I got the hang of this blogging thing... ;)

The Mom I'll Never Be, Feb. 7

FINAL MAKEOVER MONDAY (before and after photos of house), Feb. 20

On Potty Training (or lack thereof), March 9

Some Honesty, April 18

Furnished And Filled With Love (furnished house photos), May 4

Epic Fail, May 10

I Wonder if I'm Losing My Wonder (a guest post by ohbygolly), June 25

The Value In My Weekend at AWBU, Aug. 27

Getting Over The Hump, Sept. 6

Another Hump to Jump {a Potty Training Update}, Sept. 10

A Place No One Else Can Fill (featured in DailyBuzz Moms), Sept. 17

Not The Trip I Envisioned, Dec. 5

What The Newtown Tragedy Demands, Dec. 18

Small Town Life: Carrying Each Other's Burdens, Dec. 28

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