This Beautiful Inheritance: One Last Drop of Holiday Cheer

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

One Last Drop of Holiday Cheer

Happy New Year, all! I wanted to share with you a little something to make you smile on this first day of 2013. A couple weeks ago, Eden participated in a Christmas program at church. This was the first year for her to be involved in a program, and I'll be honest, I thought there was about a %1-5 chance of her actually doing it. Especially after what happened the morning of the program, on their final rehearsal. MELTDOWN OF THE YEAR. She cried the whole time because she didn't WANT to practice... she just wanted to PLAY IN THE BLUE SAND. :-/ I had been so looking forward to seeing her perform, and I was so discouraged after that morning. But, behold the power of a nap. Eden came back that night, refreshed and raring to go. She was genuinely excited to get up on that stage and show what she could do. And I was SHOCKED at what I saw. No tears. No meltdowns. No stage fright. No stubbornness. Just a sweet, angelic child doing her motions exactly as instructed and singing loudly above everyone else. I. Was. Amazed. Shallow as it may sound, I think this was my proudest mommy moment to date.

(Eden is the second little girl in the row.)

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