This Beautiful Inheritance: Pancakes and Pearls Birthday Party

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Pancakes and Pearls Birthday Party

Recently was Selah's first birthday party. Even though I absolutely love planning my kids' parties, they usually wear me out completely. They're always so noisy, chaotic and stressful (for mom), I wind up feeling a little disappointed at the end that I put so much work into a party I was barely able to enjoy. So I decided, as much as was possible, I was going to scale back Selah's first party. I wanted to be able to breathe during it and actually enjoy all the special moments. So I purposely scaled back the guest list and made a conscious decision not to stress over decorations, favors, etc. I came up with the theme of "Pancakes and Pearls," kept it fairly simple, and I love the way it turned out. It was my FAVORITE birthday party yet.

my sweet friend designed these invites for me
Me and the hubs whipping up pancakes (we also made a huge batch two days before, froze & thawed them in the oven)
The Food Table (I made the cupcakes with Wilton's homemade buttercream frosting. Tip: put icing in freezer bag & cut out the corner to squeeze onto cupcakes.) (I saved a lot of money by not ordering specially made cupcakes!)
We served pancakes with all the toppings! (walnuts, chocolate chips, hot fudge, original, strawberry and blueberry syrups)

I bought the cloth birthday banner hanging in the back from Vicky Cauldwell (at Holiday House)
me and the birthday girl checking out the food
a giant stack of pancakes for the birthday girl!
somebody is ONE!
and BLOW!
YAY! :)
Someone else had a great time at the party too.

opening presents!
all the adorable girlies

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  1. I absolutely love this theme. You're an awesome mommy!


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