This Beautiful Inheritance: Resurrection Cookie Fail... well, not completely

Monday, March 25, 2013

Resurrection Cookie Fail... well, not completely

I knew this year I wanted to emphasize the true meaning of Easter with Eden, as she would finally be old enough to (somewhat) understand. In my mind for months, I planned to make "Resurrection Cookies" with her. She loves baking, and I thought this would be a perfect way to explain the Easter story. Have you ever heard of "Resurrection Cookies" or "Easter Cookies"? Each step of the baking process symbolizes a part of the Easter story. They are a really neat teaching tool for kids.

But let me just go ahead and confess: I ruined the Resurrection Cookies. I have no idea what went wrong, but instead of the batter stiffening up and forming little "tombs" like it was supposed to, we basically wound up with a pan full of flat, dry liquid (with pecans in it). Domestic Fail.

The good news is that the awful end product didn't destroy the teaching process. Making these "cookies" with Eden was still one of my favorite things we've ever done, and I'll tell you why... After each step in the story/recipe, there are scriptures that you read from the Bible. Now Eden and I have read plenty from her children's storybook Bibles but never before from the real thing. Y'all, she was so excited. It was so cute. Every time I said, "Ok, Eden, I'm going to read you something else from the Bible," she would say, "Yeah! Let's see what it says!" Then she would wrap her arm around my neck and pull me in close to her. She wanted our heads to be touching as we looked on and read the Bible together.

I told you... sweetest thing ever. I was honestly shocked at how excited she was about the story/Bible reading part of the whole thing. I was afraid she'd be anxious to just skip past that stuff and get to the stirring and pouring. But instead she ATE UP the story. She already knew the high points... but the new details she learned -- like Jesus being offered vinegar to drink (YUCK!) -- she thought that was just fascinating.

Eden sealing up the oven like they sealed up Jesus' tomb (the cookies have to stay in overnight)

So even though our "cookies" didn't turn out at all as planned -- (they were supposed to form hollow tombs) -- the project was still a great experience, except for the last step. Watching Eden be so excited and fully engaged as we read from the Bible was worth pulling nothing edible from the oven this morning. (And no, I'm not showing you a picture!)

FYI: My only guess about what went wrong is that I used the wrong kind of vinegar. Considering this was the first and only time I've ever used vinegar for anything other than Easter egg dying, that wouldn't be a shocker. I'm clueless.

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