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Friday, March 29, 2013

Small Town Life: Movies at the Center

Since moving back to a small town a year ago, I'll be honest, sometimes we get bored... :-) I used to think it was no big deal to drive 30 minutes or an hour for entertainment, but with two small children, that becomes much easier said than done. So I LOVE it when the community hosts its own close-to-home activities.

One of our new favorite things is going to FREE movies, which recently started showing in a neighboring town 15 minutes away. The local school there closed down a few years ago (and consolidated with another) leaving the buildings vacant. Since then, however, numerous activities have started up in the school building, gym and auditorium. An organization called the Arnold Family Foundation has started what they call "Movies at the Center." Each month the former-auditorium-turned-movie-theater plays a duo of family-friendly films. The setup is high quality, with one of the best sound systems in the state, a large screen, concessions, and a relaxed atmosphere. We love it. It's going to the movies without the hefty price tag, the long drive, or massive crowds.

Earlier this month we took Eden to the afternoon showing of Brave. (The movies usually are ones that have recently released.) She was so excited. She put on a cute outfit, a huge smile and was ready to go.

When we arrived, we got popcorn, candy and a Coke (all for cheap!) and found a seat near the front and center. We were one of only about four families in the place. I didn't mind that at all because I like the quiet and feeling like my own child isn't a disturbance. However, I'm hoping the crowds start to pick up once the word gets around. And I'm sure they will.

Another thing I like is that the movies have intermissions, which is nice when watching a movie with kids. It gives you a chance to stretch, have a potty break, and get more snacks of course.


Eden had a big time. I think she even enjoyed going "alone" with Mommy and Daddy. I know Mommy is already looking forward to next time!

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  1. Hi! It is so nice to hear how much you enjoy the movies. We hope to keep them going for a long time. We're always looking for free (or cheap) & fun activities to do with our kids too. Hopefully our audience will continue to grow. Here's the upcoming list from Movies at the Center on Facebook:


    MAY 18th 3pm Tangled
    7pm Bro. White

    Nancy Arnold


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