This Beautiful Inheritance: Thank You, God, for Pets & a GIVEAWAY!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Thank You, God, for Pets & a GIVEAWAY!

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We've had our dog, Barnaby, for about 4 years. He is my husband's side-kick and best little buddy. He goes with him everywhere. Our girls also love him, although I'm not sure the feeling is always mutual... :) Barnaby loves the girls but also gets annoyed with them and the way they "play" by chasing him and tackling him. Hopefully, though, as they get older, their relationship with him will get better, more loving, and less violent :)


Selah, lately, has been on a real "puppy" kick. There is a "puppy" (full grown dog) that lives in the yard next to my grandparents, and anytime she is even in the neighborhood, she points that direction and says, "PUPPY! PUPPY!" My mom takes her to visit that puppy a lot, and it's become one of her favorite things.

Both my girls have always loved animals. I think they are going to take after their daddy and be real animal people... at least I know that's what he's hoping!

Today, I am excited to announce a fun giveaway for those of you with little ones who also love puppies and kitties :)

"Thank you, God, for Puppies"
We got this board book from Tommy Nelson a few weeks ago, and it is precious. It includes sweet pictures of all different types and colors of puppies, along with fun rhymes about all the things kids love about their furry friends. (There is also a matching book called "Thank you, God, for Kittens.")

This book is made for ages 0-2 or 2-5 and is perfect for teaching little ones that we should thank God for everything, even the pets that He's given us.

(Click here to purchase your own copy)

To enter, leave a comment on this post telling me what you (or your kids) love about your pet and let Rafflecopter (below) know that you did. See below for additional ways to enter. The giveaway will end this Friday, May 17. The winner may choose whether they'd like the "Puppies" or "Kittens" version of the book, and Tommy Nelson will comply. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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