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Friday, May 17, 2013

The Favorite of the Family

A few months ago, soon before my memaw passed, a small joke rose to the surface in our family. It was the final weeks of Memaw's life, and her family (four sons, daughters-in-law and eleven grandchildren) filed in and out of her room at the nursing home. But as each of us came and went, we noticed a common remark being made by all (or at least some variation of it). If we'd heard it once, we'd heard it a thousand times... another son or grandchild leaned down and whispered to Memaw, "We don't have to tell anyone, but I know I'm your favorite."

Each time I heard that another family member had made a similar statement, I giggled. Because I'll be honest. I thought it was silly of some people to think so!

But I've been thinking about it lately, and I've decided that every son and grandchild may actually have been right.

They were all her favorite.

Before I had my second child, I wondered -- like so many moms -- how a mother's love could really grow and multiply to envelop a second child. Could I really love both my children equally? Could a second baby really compare to the unbridled love you feel for a first-born?

When my Selah was born, I was blown away by the resounding answer YES to those questions! I've heard a parent's love described as something similar to a chest of drawers. Having another child does not draw space from the first-born's drawer... another drawer is simply added on. Your love for that child is drawn from their very own, separate compartment. And there is always room for more drawers.

That's the way I feel about my two girls. When I look at each of them, individually, I'm overwhelmed by the emotions they stir up. I look at Eden and see my big girl... my quirky, sensitive sweetheart who taught me about unconditional love. My heart swells at the thought of her. She is my favorite.

Then when I look at Selah, I see the smile that lights up my life. Her animated eyes and grin make each day a joy. She is my lively, stubborn Selah Bear who I couldn't live without. She is my favorite.

So I've realized it's possible each of us were right when we joked around with Memaw. Love does multiply and it's not cut short when the family grows. Each child and grandchild had his or her own special drawer in Memaw's heart, full to the brim with love and fond memories. Mine was filled with soft tickles, Little Smokies sausages, and large pizzas that she told me to charge to her. So I've finally decided that no matter what anyone else says, I really was her favorite...


I would also like to announce the winner of my "Thank you, God, for Pets" giveaway. Congratulations, Amy Eberlein! I will email you about claiming your prize.

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