This Beautiful Inheritance: The Single Mom Days

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Single Mom Days

I've never been a single mom. But some days I think I know how she feels.

No, I don't know the extent of it, I'm sure. The loneliness. The pressure. The exhaustion. I don't know those feelings in full. But I do know them...

Because I'm the next closest thing... I'm a firefighter's wife.

Last week my husband worked somewhere around 120 hours. And no, that's not a typo. Why so much? Because that's what firefighters have to do to provide for their families (so if you haven't thanked a firefighter lately, you should. They make big sacrifices to serve.)

Yesterday was a rough day. There were several moments where I just broke down and cried. I'd been up since 4 a.m. with a feverish, cranky baby, and I was beyond exhausted. Turns out, she had an ear infection. One of the tubes that were JUST put in has already fallen out... and have I mentioned we haven't even started paying for them yet? And now she may need them again? Yeah, tears. Also, Eden came home from "playschool" in the crankiest of moods and though everybody was tired and cranky, NOBODY wanted to go to bed. It was 11:30 before I was awake alone.

Long. Day.

But this really isn't unusual. It's the life I live as a part-time single mom... which is basically how I feel. But I don't say all this to have you feel sorry for me...

Though sometimes -- I admit -- I do find myself in self-pity, I also have moments of thankfulness. I'm thankful because I do have a husband, and I'm not alone %100 of the time. I empathize now with single moms, and I'm amazed at their strength. If you are a single mom, I salute you. Truly. You don't get any relief, even after a 48-hour shift, and that, I honestly can't imagine. You work hard, endlessly, without complaining, and likely without thanks.

So here's a bit of recognition for you: for the meals you cook, for the yards you mow, for the oil you change. You're carrying a two person job on one back, and there are few people strong enough for such a load.

I, obviously, am not one of them.

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