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Friday, June 28, 2013

Small Town Life: Summer Reading Program at the Library

The girls and I have visited our local library fairly regularly ever since we "discovered" it nearly a year ago. The girls love walking over there (it's two blocks away), playing on the kid-friendly computer, and checking out books. So we were SO excited when the librarian told us a few months back about the upcoming Summer Reading Program. She told us there would be storytime, crafts, games and snacks, and when I relayed this information to Eden, she was GIDDY with anticipation.

(It was a big mistake telling her about the program months in advance because I had to answer "Is the Summer Reading Program today?" every day for weeks. We also played our own version of "Summer Reading Program" in her room over and over and over.)

Finally, it was June. Time for the real thing. Of course by then, Eden had nearly forgotten about the whole deal, but when I reminded her about it the day before, her face lit up and she was excited all over again. The first day of the program was so cute. There was just a handful of preschool age kids, and the theme for the day was flowers and plants. The librarian read them a story about a flower and its seeds, and then the kids got to decorate a pot and plant their own flowers! I was pleasantly surprised by the day's activities, and all the kids just loved it.

Eden filling her pot with soil
Selah getting in on the potting action
The next week included a kid-friendly magician. This event was open to older kids too so there was a much larger crowd (& honestly most of the tricks were over Eden's head), but the girls still got to see their friends and get out of the house and so they had a good time.

This week's theme was worms! Which obviously meant Mommy was a little grossed out the whole time. After hearing a story about earth worms, the kids got to get their hands on their very own (real) "night crawlers." They inspected them and measured them and compared them to gummy worms. And then they ate them. (The gummy worms! ;)) They then got to paint their own wooden snakes, AND THEN, my friends, it was time for the worm races.

How yucky is this? First worm out of the circle wins! Judging from the looks on these kids' faces, they weren't so sure about it themselves. :)

Eden showing off her gummy worm and night crawler
We have had three awesome weeks so far at the library. Each session has been packed full of fun, creative, educational activities. And did I mention FREE? As you should know, I'm a sucker for free, local fun. And I'm excited to see what next week has in store!

And now, I'd like to announce the winner of my "Heaven is for Real for Little Ones" giveaway. Congratulations Genevieve Yow! I'll email you about claiming your prize.

Also, have you read my guest post this week on MomLife Today?! I'm talking about "4 Simple Ways to Teach Scripture to Young Children." Please check it out and leave me a comment!

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