This Beautiful Inheritance: When God Writes Your Story {an adoption story & giveaway!}

Friday, June 21, 2013

When God Writes Your Story {an adoption story & giveaway!}

Today, I'm honored to bring you a guest post by my new blogger friend, Kristin. It took just one email for me to learn that Kristin too has a journalism degree, lives in a small town, and that I really liked her :).

From the time they were just days old, strangers have told us how much Cate looks like me or Ben resembles my husband’s family. Sometimes we grin and nod. Other times we let them in our story: They are both adopted.
We aren’t related to our children by blood, but they were meant for our family. We’re a family bonded by God’s faithfulness. “Adopted” is a word that has been in my kids’ vocabulary since they started talking – and they both have spoken many, many words. We want them to know their stories – which, admittedly, I embrace as my own stories because their adoption processes were the most faith-building seasons of my life.

At the beginning of May each of the past six years, Cate’s birthmom’s parents have sent her a birthday card with a contribution for her college savings account. This is the first year she really asked questions. It’s not the first year she heard she grew in another woman’s belly because Momma couldn’t have a baby. That’s the basic story that doesn’t capture how an 18-year-old girl was an answer to prayers I cried out to God or how she considered Greg and I the answer to her own prayers.

In the years I was having vials of blood tested and we were visiting an infertility specialist, God was orchestrating this story.

Honestly, I was really glad to hear Cate’s questions the evening she opened a birthday card from another state. I showed her pictures of her birthmom for the first time and answered questions that started filling in the details for the girl who made me a momma: How old was she? Is she married now? So you were there when I was born? I told her about how her first name – Catherine – is her birthmom’s middle name and we had it picked out long before we knew our journey to parenthood would take the adoption route.
About a month later, we talked about adoption again. I reminisced about the night before she was born, how we were playing Settlers of Catan with friends to pass time while we waited for the call that the birthmom was in labor. I told her about how dishes from dinner were still piled in the sink when the birthmom called at 5:45 the next morning. My best friend came over to wash them sometime that week we were gone, waiting in Indiana with our newborn baby girl until all the paperwork was lined up for us to come home to Kentucky.

These first conversations of really telling her about her adoption were only the beginning. I have an adoption story book called “Chosen” that I made to complement a traditional baby book that is waiting to answer more questions for her. And I have a 3 1/2-year-old boy who has a story of his own – one I labeled as “Beloved.”
So when people comment on how she looks like me, I pause for a moment because I want to tell them her story, our story. We may not be related by blood, but I’m raising a mini-me who was meant to be my daughter. When people in our small town notice my husband’s ancestors in my son’s face, I’m thankful God is in the details of this life. I want to tell them that this family I have is what God has done for me – twice. And we believe he wants to do it again. We’re back in a waiting stage for what we hope is a third adoption process. As I answer my girl’s questions, tell her more of her story, and reminisce about bringing her brother home, I’m reminded that God is at work, even if we can’t see exactly what he’s doing.
Kristin Hill Taylor lives in Murray, Ky., with her husband, Greg, and two kids – 6-year-old Cate and 3-year-old Ben. She can often be found trying to beat her husband in Words with Friends, playing games of Settlers of Catan with her best friends, listening to her daughter’s stories, reminding her son to be careful, or texting her friends. She believes in taking road trips, living in community, and documenting real life. You can keep up with her at or follow her on Twitter.

Whether you are an adoptive parent yourself, hope to be one day, or simply want to teach your children that God builds families in different ways, today's giveaway is for you! I'm giving away one copy of You Were Always In My Heart, a book by Christian music artist Steven Curtis Chapman and his wife, Mary Beth.

In case you're unfamiliar, the Chapmans have adopted three daughters from China, and they wrote this book based on the adoption story of their first, Shaoey. It's an endearing tale told from the point of view of a ladybug, Dot, who happens upon a mysterious bundle (a baby) one sunny day. Dot goes with the little bundle as she is carried to the place “where babies come to be found” and promises to stay with the little one throughout her journey to finding a forever family.

If you'd like your little one to learn more about the blessings of adoption, enter by simply leaving a comment telling me why (and let Rafflecopter know that you did). For additional entries, like me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter. I'll announce a winner Tues., June 25.

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