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Monday, August 12, 2013

My Four Favorite Blogs

I read a writing prompt a while back that suggested writing about your favorite blogs, and since I don't think I've ever done that, I decided to share with you all what I read on a regular basis. Now, let me say, that these four are my favorite at the moment. My list of faves tends to evolve over time, but I've recently discovered Bloglovin', which is such an easy way to follow your favorite blogs, and it's helping me keep up with these favorites better than ever.

Also, let me quickly explain why I chose the four I did. I'm busy. I don't have enough time to sit around and read every clever blog under the sun. That would be AWESOME but since it's not possible, I prefer to read blogs that will benefit me. And when I say benefit, what I really mean is spiritually encourage. With time so sparse and so precious, I like to spend the reading part of it in a way that will reap goodness in my life.

With that said... here are my faves. (at the moment)

MomLife Today

Some of you may remember that I guest posted on this site a while back. These are also the same folks who put on the MomLife Bootcamp I attended in April. Since then, I have fallen in love with MomLife. Their heart for motherhood is so huge and so -- I believe -- in line with the Lord's. Every single post on the site offers practical, motivating, Biblical advice for moms FROM moms. The writers are real about their shortcomings but are passionate about raising kids in Godly homes and one day sending them out from those homes as ambassadors for Him. If you're a mom, visit this site daily. You won't want to miss one post of encouragement.

152 Insights to My Soul

My new blog friend, Kristin, guest posted for me a couple months back about the adoption of her two kids. Since then, I've been visiting her site regularly and it's become one of my new favorites. I love Kristin's blog because, first of all, she writes about things that matter. No offense to anyone out there, but I'm just not crazy about the "We went to the mall today and my girls wore their new smocked dresses" posts. Just doesn't do much for me. Kristin, though, can actually write about that same day at the mall and find God in the details. Maybe she watched a kind act among strangers that God used to speak to her. Or maybe God taught her something about spending or appearances. I'm totally making up these scenarios, but you get the idea. Kristin finds meaning in the ordinary and seeks God as the author of every story. I love that.

Flower Patch Farmgirl

This one is probably no secret to you. I (and likely you) have loved Flower Patch Farmgirl ever since she actually lived on a farm... I've sat back and marveled as God prompted her and her husband to uproot their three beautiful adopted children from their dream home in the country to a rough neighborhood in the city so they could better be the hands of Jesus. And if I'm perfectly honest, at times I've shied away from reading because her posts were just too convicting. But then, I always come back, because she writes exactly what I need. And -- just wow -- because no one can write it more beautifully. (Oh also, I was incredibly honored when she wrote a guest post for me a couple years ago.)

Blessings and Raindrops

This one's the newest addition to my reading list. I heard this lady, Jenny, speak at the Arkansas Women Blogger's Conference last year but just recently started following her blog. She, her husband, and beautiful blonde twin boys are in the process of adopting a little girl from the Congo. (Have you noticed I have a thing for adoption stories?) I love reading about the ups and downs of their adoption journey because, truth be told, I hope to be on one one day. Not only does adoption provide a home for an orphaned child and piece together a family in a God-like way, it also always seems to draw the parents nearer to Him. Through her blog, I'm watching Jenny and her family cling tightly to the Lord as they are dragged up and down, given hope then let down, through this tumultuous adoption process. It's encouraging to watch her grow and fall more in love with Him through each step of the way. And -- praise the Lord! -- she and her husband are in Africa RIGHT NOW to visit their little girl in person for the first time!!

So go ahead and give these blogs a visit. Leave a comment and tell 'em I sent ya!

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