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Friday, August 23, 2013

School Just Right for Us

When I woke up Monday morning, I knew exactly what day it was. Around these parts, parents everywhere had put their kids to bed early, ironed new clothes, and packed lunches for the next day. It was the first day of school. I logged onto Facebook as soon as possible to check out the cute kid pics that would undoubtedly be rolling in. And as sure as the tide, there they came.

One after the other, I scrolled through my newsfeed and watched smiling children holding "First Day of Kindergarten" signs or sitting at desks beside their new friends. The kids were adorable. I wanted to eat every one of them up. So nervous and excited. Decked out in their new duds and backpacks. Virtually all day, I enjoyed scrolling through the photos. I was careful not to miss a one. But honestly, I think one of the reasons I enjoyed doting over each child (and I really, really did) was because --

It wasn't my child.

I was honestly thanking and praising the Lord that it wasn't yet time for my girls to take that step. Had it been one of my girls walking into that giant school wearing my heart on her sleeve, I would have been a MESS. But from the comfort of my couch (with my girls in PJs probably watching Dora), it was a good day. For us, just another day.

Something I was looking forward to, on the other hand, was the following day, when my girls would start back to Mother's Day Out. Mother's Day Out is one day a week, which at this age is just enough and not too much. And I truly, truly love the program. I have full confidence that on Tuesdays, my girls are entrusted to women who not only love them but love Christ and seek to make Him the center of their "school day." That is so important.

On Tuesday, these girls were ready to go! Especially Eden who is sure "Play School" is the greatest thing that will ever happen to her. I'm so thankful and happy for them that they have a "school" to go to -- that for now -- is just right. For them and their mama.

I'd now like to announce the winner of my "Prodigal Pig" DVD giveaway. Congratulations Sara Beth! I'll email you about claiming your prize.

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