This Beautiful Inheritance: I'm a New Contributor to MomLife Today!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

I'm a New Contributor to MomLife Today!

Well, if you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you may have heard that I had a big announcement to make today... First of all, no I'm not pregnant. (Why do you people always think that?!) :)

I am officially a new contributing writer to!

If you've hung around this blog much in the last year, you've surely heard me talk about MomLife Today. MomLife Today is a ministry of Family Life, an Arkansas-based international organization devoted to helping families become stronger. I was lucky blessed enough to win a trip to MomLife's annual conference, MomLife Bootcamp, in April, and it's safe to say it changed my life.

It was there that I met Tracey Eyster, director of MomLife Today and author of Be The Mom, and fell in love with her heart for motherhood. Since then, Tracey and I have become good "email friends," and I visit MomLifeToday almost daily for the encouragement I need as a mom. (I even submitted a guest post that ran earlier this summer.) The site is packed full of practical, motivating advice, and frankly, it's the best resource I've found for those of us seeking to build Godly homes.

So I could not be more excited and blessed and humbled and honored to be a new member of the MomLife team! I'll be contributing one post per month, which I sincerely hope will strengthen and encourage you and the other moms who read. Motherhood is hard. I (in no shape, form, or fashion) claim to have it all together. But there's something special about a community of moms who learn from each other, challenge each other, and hold each other up on the worst days. I hope you'll join me over at MomLife Today, where we do just that!

Click on over there and check out the beautiful, brand-new, redesigned site that just launched! (And be sure to click on "Meet the Moms"!

P.S. My first post as a new writer will run tomorrow (Friday)!

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