This Beautiful Inheritance: The Highlights of My Weekend at #AWBU

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Highlights of My Weekend at #AWBU

This weekend I snuck away to the Arkansas Women Bloggers Conference at Ferncliff Camp in Little Rock. I've decided to recap the weekend by sharing the highlights with you.
  • I got to bunk with Savannah B. She's a dear friend who I don't see often enough. Somehow, with her, I feel comfortable in otherwise awkward situations, and for that I'm grateful. :) I also got to room with Ting's Mom, a blogging friend I've connected with online but had never met in person. It was fun to learn her real-life personality and get to know her beyond social media.

  • I picked up BooMama from the Airport! If you don't know who BooMama is, well, she's kind of a big deal. You'd never know it by talking to her, though, cause she's as easy to talk to as they come. We had a great conversation between the airport and the conference about teaching, schooling your children, and doing what's best for your family. She was the keynote speaker for the conference, and her talk reminded every lady there of her eternal value. It. Was. Awesome. (and hilarious!)

  • Tracey Eyster, from MomLife Today, was there and was one of the speakers. I haven't seen Tracey in person since MomLife Bootcamp in April so it was great to see her again, the same day my first post went up on her site! Her session reminded us of the importance of finding and developing our "brand" online and I'm excited to put what I learned to use.

  • Tricia Goyer, another writer for MomLife Today, was a speaker as well. It was neat to meet another MomLife Contributor, and her session just blew me away. Tricia has published 40 (yes, 40!) books, all while raising six kids. Can you say "superhuman"? Tricia reminded us that children are not a hindrance to our writing; in fact, they make it better! 

  • Kyran Pittman has long been one of my favorite writers and speakers. This year she did a "personal narrative" workshop and a few days prior asked for post submissions, which she would review. I sent her one of mine and told myself I wouldn't fall apart no matter how much "constructive criticism" she doled out. Well lo and behold, when it came time for her session, she announced that she had narrowed down all the submissions and would only be talking about one of them. MINE. I braced for the worst but was surprised by the best. Kyran praised and raved about my post. She was so gracious and so encouraging, as were all the other ladies in the room. They built me up and sent me out with a little more confidence than when I entered. I'm so thankful for the encouragement in that room!
There were more highlights too, but those top my list. I also want to thank The Park Wife, who organizes the conference and puts her heart and soul into it each year. She does amazing things and touches the lives of many.

'Til next year!

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