This Beautiful Inheritance: The Vacation That Could Have Been

Monday, September 16, 2013

The Vacation That Could Have Been

Last December Tyler and I took the girls to Branson and to Silver Dollar City. We swore we'd never do it again. Until they were -- ya know -- like 12 and 14. Tackling an amusement park with two little ones is nightmarish. Silver Dollar City is one of mine and Tyler's favorite places on Earth, but by the end of the day, we were exhausted, short tempered, and irritated at everything. It wasn't pretty.

This year we knew better. We planned a weekend trip for just him and me, sans kids. The girls would stay with family while we actually enjoyed our favorite place, rode rides, and ate our favorite foods. The problem was that in the days months leading up to our trip, Eden would not stop talking about "how we stayed in a hotel that one time" and "let's play Silver Dollar City in my room!" and "maybe we could go there again sometime!"..... and oh how easily we forget the hard times with our kids. (Kind of like labor right? The painful memories vanish quickly and all we remember is the JOY!)

Well, by this time, the memories of our fateful trip were dim, and all we could think about was how much fun the girls would have going with us and how wrong it would be to leave them at home and what a burden it would be to leave them with anyone...

So two days before our trip, we decided to take them.

cookies and a luggage carrier -- quite the joy ride

And if you haven't clicked on that link up there to read about last year's trip, just go ahead and do it because this year's was a big "ditto."

We quickly remembered why we didn't want to do this again. I'll be honest with you -- Tyler and I both need to work on patience. He loses patience with the kids and I lose patience with him, and the whole thing can get very ugly. We came home stressed and exhausted all over again, just like last year.

It's hard to play mini golf with this going on.

Yes, there were good moments. I think the kids had a genuinely good time and seeing their smiles made everything worth it. But there's only so many times you can walk past THE BRAND NEW UPSIDE DOWN WOODEN ROLLER COASTER to get on the froggy and butterfly rides and not get slightly resentful.

ok, so maybe this was a little bit fun...

The thing is that Tyler and I really could have used a weekend alone to refresh and reconnect. We needed it. Instead we got just the opposite. So why did we decide to take the kids along at the last minute? Well, to quote my husband, "I guess I'm just too good of a Dad."

What about you? Do you struggle with whether to take your kids on get-aways? Do you feel guilty? Have any tips?

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