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Monday, October 28, 2013

Small Town Life: Tyler's 10 Year Reunion

Somehow, 10 years have passed since Tyler graduated high school. I'm not sure how it happened so quickly, but it did.

This weekend at his reunion we saw faces that spring up a harvest of memories for both of us -- especially him. When you come from a small town, the people at your reunion aren't just folks you went to high school with for three years. They're people you've known since at least age five. People whose lives are so intertwined with yours that 10 years does virtually nothing to pry them apart. In fact it feels virtually impossible that it's been a decade since they shared a meal around a long, rectangular table.

This time, though, instead of plastic trays topped with Stromboli and cartons of milk, everyone enjoyed burgers grilled to perfection and the best cheese dip I've had. And we all enjoyed browsing old photos and yearbooks and laughing over high school memories.

I suspect I felt a little more tied to the night's nostalgia than the other spouses, simply because I was there when these guys were in high school. During Tyler's junior and senior year, I was around for virtually everything -- the school talent show, the Sweat Heart pageant, Homecoming, the proms, graduation. These weren't my classmates, but they were pretty darn close.

Of course, I felt the differences between us all too. Different goals, priorities and values. But there's a small place in each heart -- I think -- that's reserved for childhood friends. And my husband's, I could tell, was ablaze Saturday night.

Happy 10 Years, Class of 2003. Thanks for letting me share in the memories.

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