This Beautiful Inheritance: The Month We So Needed

Friday, October 18, 2013

The Month We So Needed

Tyler goes back to work Monday. He has been off for a month.

That's right. For a whole month, we have had him home. (This is very, very foreign to us.)

And the circumstances that brought it about were ones I gritted my teeth against... but God always knows what's best. We rarely do.

Four weeks ago, Tyler had back surgery. At the time, we thought he'd be off work 4-5 days. On surgery day, we found out we were way, way wrong.  Honestly, when we got that news, my heart sunk a little. I know my husband, and when he has to take off work for so much as a day, he struggles with feeling like he's let someone down or that he's shirking his duties. So a month? What would he do for a month?!

But this month has been, I think, the best thing for us. As a family, it was exactly what we needed. We've enjoyed so much "family time," we've been nicer to each other, Tyler's grown closer to the girls, and he may well be the "favorite parent" at the moment.... This month it's been like we're a team -- him and me. I know it's always supposed to be that way, but it's not. We don't always work together and support each other like we should. And though it hasn't been perfect... this month we have. We've wrangled sick kids, we've gotten groceries, we've woken up at night, we've celebrated a birthday, and we've laughed and hugged and prayed and praised. We've enjoyed each other the way a family should.

God has been so good to us this month.

And in spite of that gargantuan surgery bill we're doomed to receive, I'm still certain it was just what we needed.

I'd now like to announce the winner of my Little Critter books giveaway. Congratulations Hannah Johnson! I'll email you about claiming your prize.

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