This Beautiful Inheritance: What Fall Brings Us

Friday, October 4, 2013

What Fall Brings Us

I've often said that God was so creative in His making of seasons. He could easily have left us with stagnant temperatures and colors year round. Instead, though, he gave us the rise and fall of the thermometer, along with changes in landscape so beautiful they're obviously from Him. Seasons break up the monotony of life, strategically I believe, to refresh us, refuel us and give us hope.

No season change is more anticipated than the arrival of fall. Each year when the weather turns cool and the leaves change, I feel as if I expel the breath I've been holding for months. There's something so relaxing about fall's onset. I'm happier, and I know everything is going to be ok.

Though we're still having some hot days, the past week at my house has inaugurated this beloved time of year. I feel it in me and I see it in my husband. And our relationship is more harmonious because of it.

Tuesday I enjoyed adorning my porch with fall d├ęcor. I relished in felt-cutting therapy while my kids were at Mother's Day Out, then that afternoon I let them "help" me hang the banner on the door while they played and climbed our steps in their bare feet.

That night, I fell into bed exhausted and achy from working, decorating, and Mommying. I was stunned when my husband offered to give me a massage before I fell asleep. I love my husband, but I'll be honest -- this doesn't happen. His explanation... "I just feel good because it's hunting season."

Ha! I'll take it.

There's something about fall that changes us. For my husband, it's the chance to string a bow, climb a tree, and experience the beauty of creation outdoors. For me, it's cool breezes, my kids' smiles at a pumpkin patch, and pulling a wardrobe from my attic I haven't seen in six months.

It's refreshment and newness. It's hope and renewal. It's beauty and wonder.

It's fall. And I'm so glad it's here.

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