This Beautiful Inheritance: Our Halloween

Friday, November 1, 2013

Our Halloween

How was your Halloween?

Let's just say my girls have enough candy in the cabinets to build a tower to the sun. (and let's not say anything about the fact that I still have a bag of suckers hanging out in there from last Halloween.) Yikes.

We had fall festivals both Wednesday and Thursday nights, and we did a little trick-or-treating Thursday too.


I had a pirate and Little Red Riding Hood on my hands this year. Also known as the ***cutest costumed kids ever***. It's ok, you can agree ;)

I've read a lot on the Internet over the last couple of weeks about whether Christians should or shouldn't celebrate Halloween.... and while I get (and respect) both sides of the debate, for us, what we did last night felt right. Not spooky or weird or sinful or compromising -- just right.

We visited family and loved on each other. We went to the church and fellowshipped with believers. And we met strangers who just wandered in and invited them to join us on Sunday.

Maybe I'm wrong... but I think Jesus would be fine with that.

Happy Halloween, friends.

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