This Beautiful Inheritance: Hunkering Down and Soaking It In

Friday, December 6, 2013

Hunkering Down and Soaking It In

Well, right now, the four of us should be waking up in a toasty cabin, getting ready to head to Silver Dollar City a little later in the day. The plan was for us, my parents, and my sister's family to head up to Branson yesterday for a little Christmas getaway, Unfortunately, due to the icy weather, we had to postpone. We were all pretty bummed, but we did decide to reschedule for right after Christmas, and since we were all stuck around here last night, we had a little get-together at my mom and dad's: enchilada casserole, homemade M&M cookies, and board games. It felt like just the right way to ring in this Christmas season.

I love this time of year. Call me crazy, but I even like it getting dark early. I like getting in pajama pants early, baking, and hunkering down with my family. Which means I am actually excited about today. Assuming we keep power, I'm kind of looking forward to this "ice day" because it just asks for family time. We can't leave. We can't go outside. We can't do anything but spend time together, make soup, and wrap Christmas presents. Sounds good to me.

A couple things I wanted to tell you about quickly: have you found a good devotional for this Christmas season, Advent? Here are two suggestions.

1.) Advent Devotions from Bible Gateway
I've been receiving these sent straight to my inbox and they are a beautiful combination of scriptures, inspiring stories and songs to keep the focus where it should be this season. Bible Gateway offers several other devotionals too. Just click over and check the ones you'd like to receive.

2.) Advent Devotional from She Reads Truth
I adore the She Reads Truth devotions, which are designed to get women in the Word every day, because they speak straight to my heart. And they are beautifully written, which is one of my love languages. These devotions will take you through scriptures, from the old testament to the new, showing you how the coming of Christ was God's plan from the very beginning. It's an amazing story. You can also follow this plan on the YouVersion Bible App.

Happy Ice Day, friends! Enjoy your families and stay safe!

And don't forget to enter my "Story of Christmas" book giveaway, ending Monday!

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