This Beautiful Inheritance: Selah's 2nd Birthday Letter

Monday, December 23, 2013

Selah's 2nd Birthday Letter

Selah Bear,

Today, you are two. Although these two years have flown by, I'll be honest, it almost feels like your age is lagging behind you. You have the wit and smarts of a four-year-old. And that attitude you cock could convince anyone you were 13.

Yet still, you are my baby. And you always will be. I still rock you to sleep. You still want to be "the baby pirate" or "the baby dinosaur" or the baby whatever anytime we play. And you are still so, so attached to your sassy. I don't know HOW we are ever going to break you from that.

You are your big sister's echo. Whatever she says, you say. Whatever she does, you do. You look up to her so much, yet in other ways, you are Miss Independent. I cannot do anything for you anymore. At least not without letting you attempt it first. You have to get in the car and out by yourself. You don't want to hold my hand while we walk. And you have to struggle and fight to get your pants/shirt/socks on before finally surrendering and letting me do it for you.

Your daddy and I call you the Sour Patch Kid because within the blink of an eye, you can turn from sour to sweet, or vice versa. And you have the art of fit-throwing down to a T. I'm still struggling to find my way down that narrow road.

But in those moments when I start to feel overwhelmed, you often pipe up and say the smartest, hilarious, most clever thing. And my whole day is brightened. You do that for everyone you're around. It's not just me.

Parenting you is going to be an exciting challenge, I think. You are so worth every extended rocking session, every hunt for the sassy, and every meltdown (yours and mine). :) I love you so much, Selah, and I just want to say thanks for the flavor you add to life. It would all be a little boring without you (and your stellar conversational skills).

Love you forever,
Mommy & Daddy

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