This Beautiful Inheritance: Slaying Giants {& a giveaway!}

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Slaying Giants {& a giveaway!}

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One of my girls' favorite things to play is "David and Goliath." Eden, especially, has played it forever. Our rendition always goes the same way: whichever one of us is "Goliath" defiantly declares, "I'm Goliath! You can't defeat me!", and then "David" slings an imaginary stone through our Dollar General slingshot, and Goliath falls to the ground. "I did it!" David exclaims, "God was on my side!"

I know why kids love this story. It has all the right imagery: a young boy, a massive giant, a simple weapon, and a slain enemy. But the story has such a great message for us grown-ups too.

"We can do it! God is on our side!"

Recently, I posted on my Facebook page asking moms how they handle those crazy/exhausting moments when they think they can't go on. You know the ones, right? (Please say you do.) Your kids are loud, wild and unruly. And truly, you just want to run for the hills...

I got lots of great responses on this post, but the one verse that came to my mind later that night was this.

Because of Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit, I can do all things, even clean up one more mess, dish out another dose of discipline, give another bath, wipe another booty, break up another fight, and stay calm through it all!

Although motherhood is my greatest joy, some days it's also my giant. I'm so glad David (and many others throughout the Bible) showed me that with God and through Christ, no giant is too big!

Today, I'm giving away two children's storybooks, My Story: David and My Story: Joseph. These children's books are unique because they tell the beloved Bible stories from the first person perspectives of the heroes themselves. Plus they both include sticker journals at the end so kids can decorate the pages themselves, adding another element of fun!


To win both of these books, just leave a comment telling me either what giant you need to slay in your own life OR what is your child's favorite Bible story. (Be sure to let Rafflecopter know you commented & earn additional entries by liking me on Facebook and following me on Twitter.) I'll announce a winner Monday, Jan. 20.

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