This Beautiful Inheritance: "I Will Trust God" {DVD Giveaway}

Friday, March 21, 2014

"I Will Trust God" {DVD Giveaway}

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The other day we were riding in the car and Eden started asking questions about Noah and the ark. The story was fresh on her mind because we recently got a new "Hermie & Friends" DVD from Tommy Nelson that features the story (except with insects and a flooded garden).

"Why were Hermie's friends making fun of him?" she asked me. Since Hermie in the movie represents Noah, I explained that the others made fun of him because they didn't see the need for a giant boat. They didn't see any rain or even evidence of rain...

And then I really started thinking about that scenario. Can you imagine being told by God to build a gigantic boat? I mean your football field-sized boat is just hanging out in your hometown with you, the town's laughing stock, slaving away on it? I can't imagine how trying it must have been for Noah to trust God in that situation. He must have been thinking, "God, is this really what you want for me? Is this what my life is going to look like?"

How would this all work out? Would a flood really come? Would God keep his word? Would He be faithful?

I know people right now who are in Noah-like situations. They're faced with the choice of whether to trust God, whether to believe He has a master plan, or whether to let their sinful hearts pull them away and smother them with doubt and discouragement.

The people I'm speaking of are choosing the former, and I'm so proud of them for it. Because choosing to trust -- when all the circumstances (and sometimes people) say to "Curse God and die!" (Job 2:9) -- is such the harder thing to do.

But what they know is what the Word of God tells us -- God does have a master plan. And it's so, so big. Our lives and our stories are just tiny dots on the whole huge thing. And while every detail of our chapter doesn't work out as we would like, the whole book is going to bring God glory. And even in the hard times -- during those chapters we wish weren't ours -- He bottles our tears and turns the page. (Psalm 56:8) He doesn't leave us alone. (John 14:18) He provides supernatural comfort that the world can't understand and gives us the strength to say, "I will trust God!"

I'm so in love with this song from Hillsong United. Many times life is like a stormy ocean... God just wants to know if we trust Him enough to walk out on it. Or, you know, build a boat to float over it.

Today I'm giving away one "I Will Trust God" Hermie & Friends DVD. "Hermie & Friends" is created and narrated by Christian pastor and author Max Lucado. The videos are perfect for kiddos ages 2-7. To enter, leave a comment telling me your favorite Bible verse about trusting God or overcoming difficult times. Earn additional entries by liking me on Facebook and following me on Twitter. I'll announce a winner Wednesday, March 26.

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