This Beautiful Inheritance: Modeling Our Rhea Lana's Finds

Monday, March 10, 2014

Modeling Our Rhea Lana's Finds

Disclaimer: In exchange for these posts, I received an early shopping pass to Rhea Lana's. The opinions and purchases are all my own.

Saturday I kept my promise and went shopping at Rhea Lana's. I got the privilege of shopping at 10 a.m. on pre-sale day, and the selection was HUGE! Now, I'm not one of those "purchase entire wardrobe" mamas (Wow, did I see a lot of those!), but I did find some adorable things and came home with several purchases that my girls and I were really excited about. I talked bribed them into modeling them for you.

(Also, I decided to watermark these photos because I thought about someone snatching my kids' pics and using them for who knows what and it totally creeped me out.)

I got this ADORABLE Ralph Lauren swimsuit AND cover-up for Eden for $4! I couldn't believe the price on this one. So, so cute.

Pictured here is a super-cute tunic I got Selah, a summer shorts set for Eden, and pairs of Crocs for both girls. (I'm aware that Crocs are not the appropriate shoe for Selah's outfit, but she refused to take them off, and I didn't feel like picking a fight.)

Now, in this photo Selah is wearing a 4T! I found this "S" dress and couldn't pass it up so I grabbed it to save for a couple years. However, she insisted on modeling it for y'all. (So excuse the floor-lengthedness. And the Crocs.) Eden is showing off a little simple sundress. I love throwing these on the girls for easy summer play days.

I found this little outfit for Eden and thought it was so unique. I don't know if somebody's daddy brought it back from China or what, but I love it! :)

Love this little short set from Gap. Got it for like $5.

And check out these jeans! These are Gap jeans I found in GREAT condition for $3! Another one of my top bargains. They were a size 5 slim, which got my attention because most jeans are too big in the waist for Eden. I got them thinking she could wear them this fall, but it turns out they fit perfectly right now. And is my girl working them or what? :-)

I got this Mud Pie bunny dress for Selah for $9. It was the most I spent on any one item. And Selah obviously loved it because she would NOT take it off! (Also, please excuse how wrinkled all of these clothes are! My iron decided it would be a good time to break when I'm hosting our first fashion shoot.)

I got several more items too that are not pictured -- some play shirts and shorts for Eden, two pairs of athletic shorts, a play outfit for Selah, and an adorable pink ruffly pair of shorts for her too. I also got a set of six pink bins, a shoe hanger and a jewelry hanger to organize the girls closets for just $13.

Total I spent $106. I think that's a pretty good deal!

Rhea Lana's sale runs through this Saturday so go snag your own good deals before they're all gone.

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