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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

MomLife Bootcamp: Be The Mom YOU ARE

We all struggle with comparison, don't we?

"I'm not as crafty as her. I wish I had the patience she has with her kids. My kids are eating chicken nuggets again and hers are enjoying their nightly three-course meal..."

Comparison is a beast. And it's so hard to slay.

This weekend I attended MomLife Bootcamp, and one of my favorite parts was hearing Susan Merrill, director of, encourage us to be the moms WE ARE.

God made me a natural leader, confident and future-oriented for a reason. My characteristics and my personality are not flaws. They are designed by God to be honed by me so that my children will benefit from them.

He made me their mom for a reason.

And He gave your children YOU.

Isn't that comforting? God didn't make a mistake when He gave you to your children, with all your quirks and traits. Y'all were made for each other. You are just what your children need.
Susan gave us this personality test to determine what "kind of mom" we were. And once we had figured it out, she praised us for our strengths. She assured us we weren't mistakes. And she gave us examples from the Bible of women just like us.

(go ahead and click over there and take the test!)

Are you the perfect mom? You are thoughtful and purposeful. You solve problems in your home and keep everything in good order. You are just what your children need.

Are you the popular mom? You are the life of the party. You make life a blast for your kids and they love being around you. They wouldn't want anyone but you.

Maybe you're the powerful mom. If so, then you are like me. We powerful ones are strong-willed and persistent. We see the whole picture and move our family toward goals. And yes, we too are just what our families need.

Or maybe you're the peaceful mom. You are relaxed, sympathetic and kind. You take time for your children and don't get upset easily. You are exactly what your children need.

I love the encouragement that goes on at MomLife Bootcamp. We are always reminded that we CAN do this mom thing. As crazy hard as it is, we have all that we need in Christ. And in Him, we are just who our children need.

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