This Beautiful Inheritance: My Lack-of-a-Nap Breakdown & Moms' Night Out

Sunday, April 13, 2014

My Lack-of-a-Nap Breakdown & Moms' Night Out

I cried yesterday. I mean cried and cried and cried.

Want to know why?

Because I didn't get to take a NAP!

Oh yes, I'm serious.

I had my heart set on this long afternoon nap... I was going to put Selah down and force Eden to watch TV if she wouldn't sleep, and I was going to recover from the last four nights of which Selah has been in and out of my bed preventing me from sleeping.

But sweet, dear Eden refused to do anything close to sleeping or even quietly watching TV and instead banged around for nearly two hours.

And I felt like the whole world was caving in.

Please tell me you've been there before?

It's those Mommy Moments, when anyone looking in would think WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU GET IT TOGETHER IT'S JUST A NAP but to you it's lack of sleep combined with kids who don't listen and a dirty house and no one who understands and the pressure and OMG MOTHERHOOD.


Thankfully, Tyler ended up taking the kids to the park, and though I never got a nap, I got some quiet time and some cleaning time and eventually started feeling more like myself.

Though some people might think so, I know I'm not crazy in my lack-of-a-nap breakdown. I'm pretty sure all moms feel this way at some point and time, and I was reminded so a couple weeks ago when I saw a pre-release showing of the movie Moms' Night Out.

The movie doesn't come out in theaters until Mother's Day weekend, but we got to watch it early at MomLife Bootcamp, and I've never seen a movie I related to more!

In the movie, Allie and her friends want need desperately a Moms' Night Out. They're at the end of their Mommy Ropes and arrange for a night of high heels, fine dining and adult conversation. Of course, this means their kiddos will be left with their dads.... but really, what could go wrong?

This movie had me cracking up (it was especially fun to watch in a room of 400 women!), and by the end, I was in tears. (Who would have thought that Trace Adkins could remind us about the real value in motherhood?!)

The movie is a must-see for moms everywhere. Go ahead and plan your own Moms' Night Out for opening weekend... you'll laugh, cry and go home refreshed!

The winner of my "God Bless Our Easter" book giveaway is Colleen Inman. Colleen, I'll email you about claiming your prize!

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