This Beautiful Inheritance: It's Okay If Your Kids Eat Pizza Once a Week

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

It's Okay If Your Kids Eat Pizza Once a Week

For 12 weeks in a row, my kids ate pizza on Wednesday nights. We were splitting up into groups at church, and the kids were corralled into the gym for lessons, playtime and food. I never once batted an eye at the fact they were eating pizza AGAIN week after week. In fact I was *thrilled* to have supper covered on Wednesdays. It was so nice.

Also -- at my house -- we eat all the Easter candy. All of it. I've never been able to bring myself to throw away even a portion of the truckload we bring home, so we slowly (and sometimes not so slowly) eat it all.

We also sometimes get ice cream on nice days just because, and we unashamedly bribe with suckers and fruit snacks. Because parenting is hard and sometimes you just need a crutch.

But the reason I don't hang my head in shame over these food choices is because of a little word called Balance.

I'm not claiming to be perfectly balanced in what I feed my kids. I know we have room for improvement. But I do try to buy healthy foods when I grocery shop. I don't buy junk so we don't eat junk. No Little Debbies. No Cokes. No bags of Lay's. Do we eat these things occasionally? Yes, of course. But that's when we're out or for special occasions and not on a regular basis at home. I feel like if we watch what we eat "for the most part" then we can afford to "let the kids be kids" when Easter rolls around and they're stockpiled with candy. Or when they go to a birthday party and eat cake for a meal. Or when we go to the grandparents' for Mother's Day and get sent home with a Dixie plate full of burgers and dogs and an unopened bag of Doritos.

I think it's ok.

The thing is that all of life is about balance. Yes, we could probably do better (and will continue trying to) when it comes to eating healthy, but there are other areas I feel we're doing really well in as a family. When I get down on myself in one area, I remind myself about fill in the blank, in which  we're doing pretty darn well, if I do say so myself ;)

No mom can ace every single aspect of parenting, so we pick and choose our priorities, and we do the best we can according to what matters to us. Maybe you, for example, struggle with the healthy eating thing but you spend mega quality time with your kids and play with them like it's your JOB. By all means, work on the food thing, but PAT YOURSELF ON THE BACK! You are giving your children the priceless gift of yourself. And that's incomparable.

So if you ever get down on yourself for feeding your kids another round of chicken nuggets, chin up, Sister. It's ok. I'm not trying to promote unhealthy eating because I do believe it's important to take care of our bodies. But we can't do it all. There's a little thing called balance. And your kids are going to be just fine.

This is the second post in my series "It's Okay If...," which is running on Tuesdays this month. This series is a joint effort with my friend Amanda Farris, whose post today is "It's Okay If You Let Your Kids Pick Out Their Clothes." Click on over and show her some comment love. Then read my post from last week if you missed it, "It's Okay If Your Life Isn't a Facebook Fairy Tale."

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