This Beautiful Inheritance: Lemonade Stand With a Purpose

Friday, June 20, 2014

Lemonade Stand With a Purpose

Wednesday we hosted a lemonade stand to raise some extra money for our World Vision sponsorship child, Maureen. I don't really remember how I got the idea, but it just kind of came to me a few weeks ago. Eden had been asking for a long time to do a lemonade stand, so I thought, why not encourage her to give the money to someone in need? Eden never hesitated. She loved the idea. (Selah was just along for the ride.) So we waited on a free afternoon and went for it.

After advertising on Facebook that our money was going to a good cause, people were very generous. We weren't super busy, but we still ended up making $52. Not too bad considering they weren't even out there two hours. Too hot for these cuties.

The girls also checked out a "Pinkalicious" book about a lemonade stand from the library that morning. How perfect. They kept referring back to it throughout their sale. :)

After we packed up, I went straight to the bank to deposit the money. Then we went online and gave a gift to our friend, Maureen. According to the website, our special gift will be used to give Maureen whatever she needs most -- food, clothes or maybe even a new bike. Maureen lives in Uganda, and we have supported her with monthly gifts for a couple of years now. The girls talk about her all the time and love helping her. Child sponsorship is a really great way to teach your own kids about those around the world. And making them work a little to help others is one way to teach them to serve.

Go ahead and host your own lemonade stand with a purpose. It's super easy, meaningful, and your kids will have a blast. I'm already planning our next one.

The winner of my "Sleep Sweet My Little One" book is Jessica Hogan! Jessica, I'll contact you about claiming your prize. And FYI, there were so many of you who gave wonderful advice about getting Selah to sleep in her big girl bed, but although we've made a little progress, we're still not "there." Actually, what I've done is to gradually decrease our rocking time. I am still rocking her a little, but then we lay down in her bed awake. If I lay there with her a couple minutes, she goes to sleep. So it's not much progress but it's a start. I'm just hoping to train her to put herself to sleep, eventually.

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