This Beautiful Inheritance: The Big Kid Bed and Bedtime Struggles

Friday, June 13, 2014

The Big Kid Bed and Bedtime Struggles

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I have gotten to a point lately where I dread the "bedtime routine."

I know, I know. My kids are young and this time is gonna pass quickly and I should enjoy every precious song and rock. But truth be told, I just haven't been lately.

My kids are 4 1/2 and 2 1/2. I feel like the going-to-bed thing should be getting a little easier. I picture myself tucking them in, saying prayers, kissing them, and going out. Five minutes tops, right? Instead, the process seems to drag on longer and longer each night, so that by the end of it, an already exhausted mama is now irritable AND needs someone to carry her the ten feet between her toddler's room and her own.

The main problem (as I see it) is that Selah, my 2 1/2 year old, still has to be rocked to sleep. I know this is 100% my fault because this is what I've always done, and I've never trained her any differently. But now we're beyond the point of "this rocking is so sweet" and we're at "give me a break child, take that sassy out, lay down and go to sleep like a big girl."

Too much honesty? This is just how I feel.

So in my mind I concocted a plan. We'd get her a big girl bed (goodbye toddler crib), and that would be the PERFECT time to transition her from rocking to laying down and going to sleep.

It was so going to work. It was perfect.

It so didn't.

My hopes of Selah laying down and going to sleep on her own and not getting out of bed during the night (another hope of mine) came crashing down. Instead, she got much more difficult to put to bed and started sleeping worse than ever.

After a week of pure nighttime chaos, I have pretty much resorted back to the old routine. Rock and rock and rock until she's sound asleep and has no idea where I lay her down.

Old habits die hard.

So my "big girl" sleeps in a big bed and wears panties but sucks a sassy and has to be rocked to sleep... we're a work in progress.

Please tell me... how did you transition your child from a crib to a big bed? Or better yet, how did you break them from having to be rocked? If you leave me a piece of really awesome advice, you're going to win this book from Tommy Nelson. :)

This adorable book, Sleep Sweet My Little One, is the perfect companion for bedtime. Though it wasn't a miracle worker for us, it is one of the most well-suited books for bedtime I've seen. The lyrical rhymes and soft watercolor illustrations will calm both you and your children before bed. Like I said, just leave a comment telling me your best advice on transitioning little ones to big kid routines, and you just may win. (Be sure to let Rafflecopter know you commented, and earn additional entries by Liking me on Facebook and Following me on Twitter.)

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