This Beautiful Inheritance: The Day That Could Have Changed Everything

Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Day That Could Have Changed Everything

Last year in the first adult meeting at Pine Cove Family Camp, they asked everyone to share a little of their family's story. What were their highs and lows from the last year? I've often thought about what we would say this year during that share time. Nothing spectacular or life-changing has happened, but I planned things to discuss and talk about...

But this week, I learned that "We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps." (Pro. 16:9)

In a moment's time, all our plans, ideas and visions of the future can come crumbling down.

As most of you know, this week my husband Tyler was in a horrible vehicle accident. It was a head-on collision that left our Tahoe in shambles. At 3 o'clock on Wednesday, I got a call that everyone dreads. And I had about five minutes after that where I didn't know if he was dead or alive. It's amazing what can go through your mind in that amount of time. I imagined telling my girls that Daddy wasn't coming home. I imagined myself as a single mom. I imagined telling my girls we wouldn't be heading to family camp in a few days, something they have been looking forward to all year long. And I prayed and cried and pleaded with God to save my husband.

And He did. Tyler walked away from the wreckage with nothing more than scratches, bruises and a bad headache. It was truly a miracle.

I don't know why some lives are taken and others are spared. All I know is this week when we head to Pine Cove, our family has a new story to share. We are there together by the grace of God. We are sure that His hand of protection is on us. And we appreciate each other like never before, taking no person or moment for granted.

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