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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Thankful Rocks: Simple Reminders to Be Thankful

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There's a story I always tell about Eden from a year or so ago that still makes me smile. While she was gone one afternoon, I decorated the wall above her bed with some plastic butterflies I picked up at Target. It was nothing fancy, just a little something to adorn a blank wall. Well, when Eden saw what I had done, she could not CONTAIN the thank yous coming out of her mouth. For at least 30 minutes, she stared at those butterflies and said, "Thank you, Mama! Thank you! Thank you for my butterflies! Thank you!" You'd have thought I'd just walked her into the Magic Kingdom. It was so funny I couldn't help but laugh. But it was also really sweet that she would be so appreciative of something so small.

For the most part, my kids are pretty thankful, and that's something I'm proud of. But they also have their moments -- like all kids -- when they act entitled, jealous and ungrateful. Who am I kidding? Us adults act that way too. Probably even more so.

Appreciating what we have instead of focusing on what we don't is an ongoing struggle throughout our lives, I think. But it's such an important one, which God wants us to overcome.

Though I still struggle at times, thankfulness is something my parents instilled in me from an early age. And they are still two of the most thankful people I know. It's a trait I very much want to pass on to my kids.
So I loved one of my resources from Tommy Nelson this month, which was another faith-inspired Little Critter book called Being Thankful.
In the book Little Critter struggles with appreciating what he has. Everyone else seems to have things so much better! But during an overnight trip to his grandparents' house, he begins to realize he's actually pretty blessed. His grandma gives him a "thankful rock" to remind him, every time he sees it, to be thankful for what he has.
My girls and I decided we needed our own "thankful rocks" as little reminders around our home. So the girls went out to the driveway, picked out a rock for each member of our family, and painted them pretty colors.
Now, each time we see a thankful rock, we pick it up and say something we're thankful for. I love hearing some of the things the girls say. "I'm thankful for my nose." "I'm thankful for the whole world." "I'm thankful for my blessings." No matter how silly some of their answers may be, I love helping cultivate little spirits of gratitude.
So today I'm giving away one hardback copy of Little Critter: Being Thankful AND a hardback copy of Little Critter: We All Need Forgiveness, in which Little Critter learns another valuable faith lesson.

To enter, just leave a comment about teaching your kids the importance of being thankful and/or forgiving others. Then enter via Rafflecopter below. 


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