This Beautiful Inheritance: Meeting Up With Friends From Pine Cove Family Camp

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Meeting Up With Friends From Pine Cove Family Camp

Over Labor Day weekend, we had the privilege of meeting up with a family we met this summer at Pine Cove family camp. We traveled four hours north to Branson (is there anywhere else to vacation?) and they trucked up from Texas, and the nine of us picked up where we left off.

We've only known them a few months, but this family is so special to me. God isn't some label they wear or a front they put on. He is their fuel, their force, their motivation. Their love for each other is deep and forgiving and grace-filled. And they have a heart for serving others. I'm challenged when I'm around them.

Not to mention, they have three of the most beautiful children I've ever met who mine absolutely ADORE.

We introduced our friends to the Greatest Place on Earth. What, you thought it was in Orlando?

We shared kettle corn and meaningful conversation and took turns pushing the stroller. With my hoodlums, the trip was rather stressful like always. But it was so worth it to enjoy real fellowship with these friends. It was good for my kids and it was good for us parents to spend time with folks who are doing it right. I'm thankful to God and Pine Cove for putting us together and looking forward to when we can all meet up again.

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