This Beautiful Inheritance: Prayer Brownies: An EASY Way to Bless Your Neighbor

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Prayer Brownies: An EASY Way to Bless Your Neighbor

Last week a neighbor of ours brought home a new baby boy, and I wanted a simple way to bless their family and let them know we were thinking of them. So I did something really easy that turned out not only to bless them but to teach my girls about service and love.

I loaded the girls up in the car, went to the dollar store, and told them we were picking up a box of brownies for our neighbors/friends. I also explained they could help me make the brownies which they LOVED, being the baking fanatics that they are. (I mean, licking a bowl of chocolate is involved, so who wouldn't get excited?)

We went home, pre-heated the oven, and got to mixing. I let the girls help me stir, as they always do, but as we stirred I asked the girls to pray for the new baby and his family. I was pleasantly surprised that they both immediately agreed and prayed out loud. (This is a rare occurrence for Eden, but apparently praying over brownies is quite enticing.) They prayed the sweetest, most genuine prayers for the baby, and it turned out to be a really special moment.

(Please excuse Selah's Princess Jasmine headpiece and 1989 dance costume. #girlslife y'all)

I joined in praying too, then we popped the brownies in the oven, licked the bowl and spoon clean, and were done.

After the brownies were done and cooled, I printed off a simple note, taped it to toothpicks, and voila, "Prayer Brownies."

When the aroma of freshly baked brownies filled our house, the girls were pretty whiny about not getting one. But I think it was a good lesson on blessing others and putting them above ourselves! We then loaded up and carried the brownies over to the neighbors' house. The girls insisted on going to the door with me to make the delivery, which of course turned into a full-blown play date with the baby's older sisters. I didn't mind because it was good fellowship and a chance to build community.

So there you have it. Prayer brownies are an EASY way to bless someone with a new baby, or who's sick, or who's going through a difficult time. Go bless someone today. :)

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