This Beautiful Inheritance: Eden's Fifth Birthday Letter {From Her Daddy}

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Eden's Fifth Birthday Letter {From Her Daddy}

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My Dearest Eden,

Eden, you are five years old today. I wanted to try and express, in words, what words cannot seem to express and that is my love for you. I have yet to find a word in the English language that defines how beautiful and cherished you are. As I think of you on this day, I am immensely grateful for the past five years that I have gotten to be your daddy. Eden, you are such a blessing. Oh, how you stir my heart and warm my spirit. I never thought I could possibly be blessed with something as precious and radiant as you. I still get butterflies when I get home and get to see your smiling face.

As I watch you grow, you teach me so much. When my mind is clouded by stress and the state of our present world, you are an example to me to just be happy and love others. You are always so happy and excited about life. You love your family and others with such abandon. You continuously show empathy to those around you and to all living things. Eden, you love people like Jesus did. I realize I'm supposed to be teaching you, and I know I do, but many times you influence me in more than one way.

As I think about you growing up, I think about things like who you will become, what men will try and pursue you, what tough decisions you will have to make throughout your life, and a whole host of other things. When I think of what a precious gift you are from our Creator, I'm reminded that as deep as my love for you is, your God's love for you is so much greater and that He is with you. I pray you stand firm in your convictions and that you are faithful and steadfast in your pursuits. So as we celebrate your fifth year of life, I am eternally grateful for you and the joy you bring. Your Daddy adores you and will cherish you for eternity!

With all my love,


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