This Beautiful Inheritance: Finding God At The Kitchen Sink {Giveaway}

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Finding God At The Kitchen Sink {Giveaway}

I was given one copy of "Finding God at The Kitchen Sink" (along with one copy to give away) in exchange for this blog post with my review. All opinions are my own.

As moms, we want to feel like somebody relates, like somebody understands.

Those people in the shopping mall, arms loaded with designer bags and carelessly strolling about... they don't understand.

Those people fully engaged with arms raised, worshipping in church, no one tugging on their dress... they don't understand.

Even our husbands, as hard as they work and as much as they do... they don't really understand.

Of course, these are assumptions and probably not true. But this is how we feel, and as moms, it can often feel lonely.

Does anyone understand what I (my heart, mind and emotions) really go through in a day?

Maggie Paulus does.

She's a mom of three littles, and her life isn't extravagant or radical according to the world's standards. It's mostly plain, normal, just like yours and mine. She spends a lot of time at the kitchen sink. She picks up toys just to have them strewn out again. She gets waken up during the night. A lot. But through all the mundane, her eyes are wide open to the glory of God and how He shows up in the most seemingly insignificant moments. And she weaves her stories and His story together in her book Finding God at The Kitchen Sink.

This book was such an easy read. Maggie's words are beautiful and lyrical. Each section drew me in, made me feel understood, and prompted me to see God working in my own everyday grime.

Here are a few of my favorite passages.

From "How Being a Mama Has Changed Me"

"And I love the part where I push my little girl on the swing, even though I'd rather be reading a book or weeding the garden. And while she's learning to kick her legs out, I catch a glimpse of all that radiant light in her eyes and the way her silky, sun-streaked hair whooshes back and forth. I remember again what it was like to be young and wild and happy and free...

I didn't know how much I'd be giving my life away. Or that my most satisfying work would be when no one else was looking as I poured out all I had to nurture the lives of my babes or that God would be my strength as I learned to craft love, the stuff that lasts forever, a thousand times a day in a hundred different ways...

I didn't know how being a momma would cause me to care more for all the other boys and girls. That I'd begin to see them through a momma's eyes -- this concern for their lives and a burden to help and protect them, too...

Sometimes when I look in the mirror and see how this tummy has warped and how these hips won't ever fit back into my favorite jeans I remember this -- I get to be a momma."

From "Why God Does Want Your Messy Heart"

"Jesus says, come (Matt. 11:28). I get that. All day long I tell my kids to come to me. They come with their snotty noses, and I wipe them. Or they come with their grimy hands, and I wash them. Or with their hungry bellies, and I give them something good to eat, some sustenance to fill them up. So when Jesus says Come, I know what He means. He means simply this: Come with your messy self. I see you're hungry-hearted. I know you're a wreck. Now come over here. Come, right now. I've got what you need...

So Jesus says come. And He calls the people who are tired, who've worn themselves out. The ones who have a lot on their minds and more than they realize on their hearts. The ones weighed down by life, exhausted from just living. And the neat thing is, the only criteria Jesus requires of us to come is to simply feel our need for Him. Because we're depleted. And we're a wreck. And we don't have what it takes..."

Can you tell? Maggie understands. And as a self-proclaimed "beauty-seeker," she's got an eye for the glory moments we sometimes let slip by.

Today, I'm giving away a copy of Finding God at The Kitchen Sink so one of you can also feel understood, inspired, and star-struck by God's glory.

To enter, leave a comment telling me one way you've seen God's glory today. And Happy Thanksgiving, friends!

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