This Beautiful Inheritance: God Values Life {Guest Post}

Monday, November 10, 2014

God Values Life {Guest Post}

I would have told you I was pro-life long before I knew adoption was going to be my family’s story. But then I adopted twice and my definition of pro-life changed.

After almost two years of trying to get pregnant, my husband Greg and I turned our attention, resources, and prayers to adoption. Less than nine months after we stopped trying to conceive, we held our baby girl in our arms, thanks to an independent domestic adoption. About 30 months later, we brought our son home as part of a similar adoption process.

Adoption is an everyday conversation at our house, but this month is National Adoption Awareness Month, so I’m hoping the topic finds its way into other homes and hearts.

Since bringing Cate and Ben home, I’ve realized pro-life is more than a political stance. It’s also a belief children are a blessing and not a burden. I’m so grateful my kids’ birth moms recognized this, too. We’re raising our kids among a community of friends who believe this, too.

I never expected to adopt, but God prepared us and surrounded us with people who have embraced our journey with us. We are involved with a small, non-denominational church with about 75 people in the sanctuary on Sunday mornings. But in those chairs are families with kids adopted from Nepal, China, and Liberia.

Our church also has an orphan/adoption ministry that offers grants and fund-raising support for families pursuing an adoption as well as opportunities to give to local and international projects that support orphans and underserved kids. Jesus tells us to serve these populations (James 1:27), and I’m blessed with a community that believes in doing and serving and giving and adopting and loving. Not everyone is called to adopt, but God gives us – even in a small town – plenty of opportunities to make a difference.
When we moms stand together, support each other, and commit to doing our best for our kids and the ones around us, then we’re pro-life. When we help our friends who are welcoming foster children into their homes, those gifts of money and clothing speak that we’re pro-life. We discipline and teach and train and advise and shepherd and guide and entertain these children we love. We plan for their futures because we believe they deserve futures.

Through our adoptions, God demonstrated that he is continually near. He’s in the details. And he’s faithful to hear the desires of our hearts. Do you know why? He’s pro-life, too. God values life. He wants our lives to bring him glory and he wants us to raise our kids – the biological ones, the adopted ones, the ones who may be in our homes temporarily – with his eternal kingdom as the foundation.

God values my life and your life so much that he adopts us into his family.

Just like Greg and I gave Cate and Ben our last name, God calls us his own. Just like we welcomed our kids into the responsibilities and privileges of being in a family, God welcomes us into his home. Yes, there are glimpses of his kingdom here on earth, but there’s also a promise of the eternal home Jesus is preparing for us. Because we are God’s. Because our names have been changed and our covenants sealed. Because we serve a God who believes in life.

We adopted Cate and Ben. They’re our children. They’re named in our wills. And they didn’t have to do anything to be called daughter and son. We chose them in the beginning and we choose them still. We choose life. Thankfully we all are welcomed by our heavenly Father who continues choosing us and calls us his own.
Kristin Hill Taylor tells about the two adoption processes that followed a hard season of infertility in “Peace in the Process: How Adoption Built My Faith & MyFamily,” which is available at Amazon. She believes in taking road trips, living in community, and seeking God as the author of every story – many of which she shares at She lives in Murray, Kentucky, with her college sweetheart husband and their two kids.

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