This Beautiful Inheritance: It's a Big Weekend

Saturday, January 24, 2015

It's a Big Weekend

Today is my birthday. I'm having a little trouble wrapping my head around the fact that I am 28 years old... and that this year I will celebrate my ten-year class reunion! I feel like, by now, I should have a hefty savings account, a clean house, and a clue what a 401k is. But I have none of those... maybe by 30?

Anyway, yesterday we had a little celebration (i.e. cake and presents) with my family because yesterday, my dad also had a birthday. He turned 54 a year older.

He doesn't look a day over 39, right? :-) He assured us that no matter how old he gets, he will never "dress old." And we know that's a fact. He'll be the only 85-year-old man that shops at American Eagle... I can see it now.

For my birthday today, I'm doing something really exciting -- packing! And I'm actually not being sarcastic, because tomorrow we leave for Disney World, and I am *almost* as excited as my kids! They We have been counting down the days since Christmas, and we are thrilled that it's finally here! I'll share a full run-down when we return with a cuteness overload of pictures, I'm sure. Happy Saturday!

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